Here at the Norfolk Beef Company we hang all of our beef for 28 days before being butchered ready for delivery to your door. Our boxes include a variety of prime cuts which are vacuum packed ready for the oven or freezer and are delivered in our eco-friendly packaging made from sheeps wool, which is 100% compostable and biodegradable. 

10 Kilogram Box - £110
  • 3 Roasting Joints

  • Sirloin/Rump/Fillet Steaks

  • Diced Steak & Shin

  • Mince and/or Burgers

  • Liver/Kidney upon request

Bespoke Boxes - Pick & Mix
  • Topside/Silverside/Brisket Joints

  • Sirloin/Rump/Fillet/Ribeye Steaks

  • Diced Steak/Shin

  • Mince/Burgers

  • Liver/Kidney

Quick n' Easy Meals Box - £40
  • 5lbs Diced steak

  • 5lbs Mince

As well as offering boxed beef, other cuts such as fillet steak, rib joints and tomahawk steaks are also available. Please get in touch for more information

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